Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My painful moment

Splash I jumped in, what was I supposed to do, suddenly say I had a bad case of the flu and I
wasn`t allowed in the swimming pool? Why did we have to do swimming lessons on the coldest day of the season? I tried to get used to the freezing  temperature. I immediately start swimming to warm myself up. Man it was cold think of a freezing cold pool it was about ten times colder then that. All right now I have told you how cold it was lets get on to the story.

We were told to get into teams of four with two on one side of the pool and two on the other.We were doing relays.This is were it got funny. My partner jumped in splashing everyone even the the teacher who didn`t seem to mind. But in front of him all the girls were screaming from the icy cold water splashing against their faces. I was too busy watching all the commotion that I didn’t realise that my partner had already tagged me, like a rocket I dived in, swimming as fast as I possibly could.

Our team came 2nd to last all because of me. Soon enough my team got over it, but I didn`t.
Next we did backstroke. the only thing that would make me stay in was if we got at least ten minutes of free time I just had to wait and see so I started to do back stroke to my partner.
I tagged him just in time My partner did a big bomb in the water. Again the exact same thing happened. I blocked my ears. As soon as the last person in my team tagged me we put our hands on our head.

Now we were doing dolphin dives. I jumped in then I dived too deep and bumped my head.
A few seconds later I chipped my tooth. I was there after the last dolphin dive. BANG! I bumped my head on the metal bar I took a 5 minute time out. When I went back in it was free time, yes! Several people were diving into the pool. One of them slipped over the wet concrete and landed on someone else. The two of them  had to go to the medical room.

By Jake Snow


  1. Wow Jake! You are really growing as a writer. You have really used words that put a picture in the reader's mind such as commotion and icy cold water splashing against their faces. Your honesty in this piece of writing is insightful and invites the reader to make connections.

  2. Oh my gosh that is amazing you are a good writing will you teach me how to write like that?