Friday, February 10, 2012


Have you ever heard summer?
The sound of a cicada orchestra buzzing in your ear?
Sure you have.
Remember that time when your foot got stuck in the fork of the orange tree and you couldn't get it out?
That was summer.

Have you ever felt summer?
When a bunch of flies keep landing on you.
The itchy feeling from the previously mowed grass? That was summer.

Remember stepping in in the puddle on the hot summer concrete, the nice warm wind on December the 17th even though the sun wasn't out?
That was summer.

Have you tasted summer?
Remember the time when  you were crossing the road from the ice-cream shop and a truck came past blowing dust into your mouth and on your ice-cream?
That was summer.

By Jake Snow


  1. Summer is my favourite season! Only this year there hasn't been enough sun. I love lying on the beach with my eyes closed and listening to all the beach sounds; waves, kids, seagulls and boats - just to name a few. I like the way you have used all your senses in this piece of writing. Well done!

  2. great writing Jake


  3. That is amazing I love how you ask question what is your best part?