Thursday, April 26, 2012

Map of Mountain valley

This is the map I made of Mountain valley. It is complete with a key, directions to Kingfisher lodge and a compass.


  1. Good mapping skills, Jake.

    I love how you edited the photo of your map with Paint and put on the co-ordinates, directions and compass.

  2. Awesome Jake!

    I love how you edited with paint and put the compass, Co-ordinates and directions like Mr M said.
    I also like that you put the pond in on your map.
    Do you know where the place is where we camped out?

  3. Cool Jake
    I like your compass
    The gold give it a really
    cool affect

  4. nice map i could find my way around the camp fast.Good job

  5. Amazing Jake.

    I love your map it show that you have good mapping skills. my map is way different. Was doing the directions hard?