Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pet Diary

Dear Diary

I am Joe the guinea pig. Today I was sitting in  my cage as usual watching the magic box, have you ever seen one before? They have lots of great programs. The only thing bad about it is when the humans are around because they always have control of that black interference device that makes the magic box go blank it`s very annoying. But that's not the story, today they forgot to feed me! Yes they forgot! This is the worst day of my life! Well ok maybe it`s not that bad after all I worked out how to open the cage. The humans were out shopping so I wouldn't get caught.

I opened the latch jumped onto the couch then onto the floor I scuttled over to the kitchen after a big heave I opened the refrigerator door. It was like heaven inside a fridge! I started to grab every treasure that came past my eye. Bacon and egg pie from last night, a few pancakes from earlier this morning and more. I was too busy dragging everything to my cage that I didn't notice the humans coming in! And now I know where they were, shopping! The pet store, they bought a cat!

1 comment:

  1. Jake what a a pet diary.I hope you have a great Easter and holiday.
    Room 20.