Thursday, April 5, 2012

White water rafting

I climbed onto the boat I was extremely hot I had almost 6 layers on. The only thing I cared about was jumping into the cold but refreshing water, I was so busy daydreaming that I only heard about 10% of what our instructor was saying. When we got into the water the instructor was babbling all sorts of things that I didn’t understand! Soon enough I worked out what to do. It came to the hour when we were allowed to jump into the water. “This is what I am  waiting for!” I thought to myself, without thinking twice I jumped into the river, it was colder then I thought, a lot colder than I thought! Now that everyone was in the water the boat floated back up to the water-level which made it harder to climb back in. I grabbed the rope lurched forward and hurled myself into the boat. Our instructor told us about Carnage Corner. Soon enough we were directly behind it immediately our instructor shouted forward paddle, forward paddle about 5 times, then when we were about half a meter from Carnage Corner he shouted hold on tight! We smashed against a ginormous rock half of us almost fell out. the next thing up was the old bridge the only thing left of it was the four steel poles that held it up. A few yards down was the new bridge, we crashed into one of its poles.The time came when it we had to go back to the campsite. On the way there we saw a cow with its head stuck in a power pole! It obviously wanted to eat the grass on the other side.

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  1. Well chosen photo for your writing, Jake.

    You are also choosing words carefully to describe your experience. I especially like the parts which show your personality such as the "I had almost six layers on" and the last sentence "It obviously wanted..."