Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter to V.M Jones

Dear V.M Jones

Room 20 from Parkvale School has just finished your amazing book Buddy, my favourite part was when he came second when he could've come first because that shows that there`s more to life then winning.
Your book was one of those awesome stories that you just couldn't stop reading, you just had to know what was going to happen in the next chapter!
What I really like most about your story is there was so many things going on at once.
My favourite character would Josh followed by Splash because she is so adventurous and naughty.

I really enjoyed reading your book, please tell me if you have written any more books like Buddy.

Sincerely Jake Snow


  1. cool Jake nice letter she like that maybe that will give her some ideas to write another story.

  2. Jake that really good
    Awesome post as well i wonder if
    V.M Jones will reply I think in our school library we have got some more You Did An Awesome Job Jake

  3. Awesome post Jake,
    I would reply back.

    What was your faviourite chapter?
    What was your faviourite thing about Splash?

    1. My favourite chapter would be Going for gold and my favourite thing about splash is that she is so adventurous.

  4. Cool letter, Jake!

    I like splash too, So cute and you could imagine little chubby cheeks!

    And you are right, There is more to life than just beating your opponent and winning.

    Sincerely, Teva Tait

  5. Great Jake.
    I think your letter is a touching letter, and V.M Jones will reply.

  6. Awesome letter Jake it great V.M Jones will love it.