Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reflection term 2


My favourite in Reading has been doing the literature circle on the book Kensuke`s kingdom

Something I have learnt is how to ask effective questions

My next step is to


My favourite writing is My ending for Licked By Paul Jennings

I have learnt...

  • To write a new line when a new person is talking.
  • How to use commas

My next step is to learn when to make a new paragraph

I like my blog because it`s a great way to share my work
My favourite post is Review of moshi monsters  because it's very colorful and it's got lots of comments.  

I like commenting on blogs because I get to share my opinion with the publisher.

Something I have liked in our topic learning is The pacific trash vortex


  1. Wow Jake.
    This is a great reflection.
    Why did you like learning the pacific trash vortex?

    1. Because it has so many interesting facts eg:I`ts twice the size of texas

  2. Excellent reflections, Jake.

    I really found the Pacific Trash Vortex fascinating.

    Your blog is a great way to share your work. You need to share more frequently and comment more frequently (including replying, like to Parris above).