Friday, July 27, 2012

Don`t go

I am dreaming that I caught a mouse when its mouth opened and out came my favorite song "Don't go". Then suddenly I heard a big crash sound, I woke up to a huge mess on the kitchen floor. I jumped off the table following the noise. 

Did I mention I was a cat? Well when a cat walks around a corner and sees a little pink thing with one eye and  antennas like a cockroach dancing around in your living-room usually makes a cat very angry. So you can guess what happened, no need to explain that. I was chasing this little devil all over the house then suddenly as if by magic, he disappeared.

The animation shed


  1. Cool Jake.
    I really love your story

  2. Amazing Jake! I like how you put little devil in it. What do you like?

  3. Cool Jake I like how you catch the
    readers attention. I want to read more.

  4. awesome Jake its so cool in amazing

  5. Cool Jake this is an great piece of writing it really got my attention.