Thursday, July 26, 2012

The great white Man-eating shark (My ending)

As soon as Norvin`s dorsal fin was in sight everyone was out of the water. Ha! he said to himself I knew this plan would work.

But everyone knew that the shark was Norvin. They didn't run out of the water because of Norvin, they had seen him coming to the beach earlier on. Everyone was running away from the huge wave that was coming towards Caramel Cove!

Norvin went up to the surface to take a breath when he saw a huge tsunami coming his way! After the terrible accident Norvin didn't look like a shark at all, in fact he looked like a tiger!

By Jake Snow


  1. I like how you describe Norvin plan not
    working. What are they going to do to stop more sneakiness like this?

    1. I agree with Sami, Jake.

      What are they going to do? Now Norvin looks like a tiger. This definitely needs a part 2! Imagine what he could do as a tiger!

  2. Wow jack great work you did a good job