Thursday, August 16, 2012

The London Olympics opening ceremony

It's mayhem in the crowd with billions of people from all over world screaming, laughing, oohing and ahing. Billions of camera lenses and eyes trying to get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth, James bond, Mr bean and loads of other big names. Everyone covers their ears as the amazing fireworks lift of screaming their way through the atmosphere. Down below the grounds are covered with sparkling fuses.

Everyone`s murmuring to each other wondering if the Queen really jumped off a helicopter.
Now the orchestra is playing with mr Bean playing the keyboard.
What a great performance it was!

Everyone quieted down once they saw the queen. The waited for the words. “Let the games begin! The Queen  was followed by a huge applause.

What a great way to start the Olympic games!

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  1. My highlight of this piece of writing is Mr bean.
    I like how you always have something going
    on. Well done