Monday, September 3, 2012

Dress rehearsal

Dear Diary , Tonight team 5&6 are going to perform the production live for the first time. One of my jobs tonight is to video the production. Anyway back to the entry. My likes and dislikes are: I took some very good photos of the dress rehearsal today. We still need to practise our timing. I think the wearable arts are interesting. It was a bit disappointing when Ellis wasn't there to help Gabriel with the singing.

Here are three of my favourite photos that I took today:

I chose this photo because it is right in the middle of all the action. 

I chose this photo because it is quite funny.

I chose this photo because it looks cool through the camera.


  1. Wow Jake those would have to be my favourite photos too.
    They are so cool
    Great post Jake.

  2. Awesome Jake.
    The pictures are really cool.
    keep up the GREAT work.

  3. Those photos are so cool Jake. I love the first picture it so cool.
    From Amy. :D

  4. Awesome Photos Jake!
    I really think those pictures are awesome, they have got a lot of action in them like a moive sort of. Great post Jake! Well done!

  5. WOW Jake. These pictures are really cool. My favourite picture would have to be the flip one with Erin and Whare. Great photos Jake Well done:)

  6. Well done and awesome photos Jake.
    I like all of those photos and your little piece of writing sums it up pretty well.
    Good Job.
    From Brody.

  7. Well done I like your photos they are really cool. I like them the same reason you like them.

    Awesome chose of photos I love them.

    From Casey.

  8. Awesome Jake.
    I love your dress rehearsal diary, I also like all of the photos you put on with your diary.

  9. Hi,
    our school recently did a production it was about Nusery Rhyme characters living in Nursery Town and then Captain Boredom and her army of zombies trying to take over.
    Did you have fun doing yours?
    Kind Regards
    Cooper and Phoebe:)

  10. Cool I really enjoy justice crew series two they're really cool and agreed I also thought it wasn't the same without Ellis but at less he was there in the end so it all worked out like a sweet ni9ce piece of cake well done jake good post i can't wait to read more from you I think a good idea is if we make a doc and everyone can write there highlight well done :) Jake this is awesome well done and I don't think justice crew are awesome because I'm friends with them but because they're talented like you as a writer :) EDEN

    1. Thanks Eden that was an outstanding comment, I really enjoy getting comments from you!