Thursday, December 13, 2012

My penpal letter

Parkvale School
Howard St
New Zealand
Wednesday 14th Nov                                                                                                 
Dear Chesnee,

Thanks for the letter! I decided to write my letter on the computer too, after all I am in a computer class. About that, when I first came to Parkvale school in 2006 we didn't have computer class in fact this is the first year Parkvale has had computer classes. We can play on our computers but not during class.

I have two sisters and no brothers. In our class we all have our own blogs and Google accounts. My E-Mail address is . I haven't been to Disneyland before but I have been to Splash Planet. I have never been out of New Zealand before, I'm supposed to be going to Australia next year. What do you do on Minecraft? I like to build things on creative mode. Do you have an E-mail address?

What are you doing at your school right now? We are doing a program called safe cycling and rock and roll, also in a few weeks the year sixes are going on camp. As you can see this is a busy part of the year for us at Parkvale School. In not long it is going to be the end of the year!

Yours sincerely Jake Snow


  1. Wow Jake

    I love your letter to Chesnee, I am sure that he would like it. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

    Courtney :)

  2. Hey Jake,
    It's me your penpal thanks for your letter. It was the best I hope you get my letter soon. My class is going to send them this Thursday.
    ~Chesnee from Missouri in Mrs.Allen's class